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Apple loses tablet market to its Android-based rivals in Q1 2013

Apple loses tablet market to its Android-based rivals in Q1 2013: In the first quarter of year 2013 the global shipments of ‘Smart Devices’, that which comprising the notebooks, tablets and Smartphone’s that has attracted the 309 million units, with the help of tablet and it is considered as the fastest-growing segment that is according to the research firm Canalys.

This whole shipment of smart devices is going on increasing 37.4 percent per year and every year.

The tablet is considered as the smallest among the three categories, then 41.9 million units has been shipped during the first quarter that was enormous to 106 percent that can leap compared with same period of the year before.


This quarter the Smartphone shipments has been numbered around 216million units, as according to the growth occurred is of 48 percent. Canalys says that the sales of Smartphone is maintained their strong momentum that has seen through the last year.

When we discuss about the platform, Android will continue to dominate for 59.5 percent for all the Smartphone mobile shipping. Other than the OS vendors the strength of apple within the Smartphone and tablet PC markets that is accounting for the 19.3 percent share for them, Canalys says that the share of Microsoft 18.1 percent will reflects its relative strength with in the PC sector.

Apple however within the tablet is making still a market leader but at the third quarter it loose its Android-based rivals.

In spite of its slow growth apple is still shipping over 37 million numbers of iphones this was issued by the Pete Cunningham. But both the HTC and Samsung have raised the question with the handset and apple that is leads to respond to its next iphone. This iphone user interface now it is six years old and in more need for refreshment.

Huawei, LG and ZTE this have complete its overall top five vendors but each of them has less than 5 percent market share. Both the Huawei and ZTE is benefited due to its strength within the home market, with 84 percent and 71 percent of their shipments.


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