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Backup Encryption of Files in Windows by CryptSync

Backup Encryption of Files in Windows by CryptSync: Are you searching for encrypted backup of all your files in windows? Here is a new application named Cryptsync. Many of them would want to have their backup files in encrypted form for the purpose of security. In this Cryptsnc application, initially do create two folders. The two folders must be of original and the encrypted one respectively. A common password has to be created for the synchronization of folders. If the content needs to be shared with others, just send only the encrypted data folder. To access the original content, they should create 2 folders as you did and enter the password that was given by you before.

CryptSync Application

CryptSync Application: Working Steps
  • Open the application after it gets installed on your system.
  • You shall see Folder pairs, below the option the original and encrypted are displayed.
  • Click Sync and Exit to synchronize the folders.
  • Setting the time interval for complete scan is not auto but manual In Cryptsync, you just only have to synchronize your edited original content with the encrypted.
  • Set the Encrypted password and provide both the folders path. Mark at “Encrypt filenames” and click “OK”.
The Bottom Line:

In the earlier years, when encrypted file is synchronized with the original one, there were changes in the original content which implies creation of another encryption file is compulsory. So now the problem of encrypted back up of windows is solved with this Windows application” “CryptSync”.

Finally after the process of encryption backup is finished, do cross check your original and encrypted folders at your saved destination. The app is highly secure for your files. Try it.

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