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Best Facebook Apps for Android

Best Facebook Apps for Android: There are various social media apps for Android are available in Google Play Store. We’re going to make a list from Facebook category picking of some best Facebook apps. Best Facebook apps for Android have been given here. These best Facebook apps are developed in a more easier and convenient way in the usage. All the apps mentioned below functions merely on Smartphone with Android operating system. Download these apps for your Android Smartphone or tablets with one click and start to access the world just in your hand. This is really called smart for Smartphones.

Best Facebook Apps for Android

List of best Facebook apps for Android:

Facebook Official App:

This is the common Facebook app for Mobiles and also the best Facebook apps for Android devices. The App changes its versions every year adding more number of features to the previous one. The Facebook Official App in your Android phone benefits you in many ways as sharing images, updating the status, chat with the friends replying them by messages.

Facebook Messenger:

The Facebook Messenger App is one of the best Apps of Facebook for Android. No charges are deducted to send messages to your friends, beloved ones if you have this app installed in your Android mobile. You got to login into Facebook first to use Facebook Messenger for Android.

Go! Chat for Facebook:

Chat lovers will obviously chat with their friends by Facebook chat App. With this Go! Chat for Facebook app you can able to send emoticons and have all the fun that they need through chat. You can synchronize your inbox messages with chat and message instantly.

Seesmic App:

With this Seesmic App, one can have the access of all the updates, notifications in social network that is going on.

Friend Castor:

The Friend Castor is also one of the best Facebook Apps for Android. The App is designed and developed providing high security to the users.

Scope Apps:

The Scope App for Android enables you to access all social networks quickly in a single platform. Those include Facebook, twitter, chime and Flickr etc.


Access to many number of social sites is possible with Hoot suite app. Connect your accounts of MySpace, Linkedin, Delicious , Facebook at same time. This is the unique feature of this App.


Send your files online, share it with the friends, make a chat. All formats of files are supported in this BeejiveIM app.


This best Facebook app for Android phones enhances connects you with others. You will also update your location (even resetting) and share it in Facebook wall. This is done when you create the reset Zone. Check the friends in Online, display of their location by Smartplaces app.

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