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Best HD Set Top Boxes in India 2013

Best HD Set Top Boxes in India 2013:Cable TV is a thing of the past and very boring It’s time to switch over to the digital world. Today, downloading and streaming your TV is the best way to see, but not everyone wants a home built media center complex. Here, we will find the best out of the box, set-top box streaming so you can watch your shows on demand and cable trench once and for all.Cable TV subscribers, irrespective of their service provider, will now have to buy set-top boxes.

We’ll be looking at five devices:

Videocon Digital set top Box:Videocon d2h offers digital DTH Channels in India and DTH HD Services through d2h products like Satellite DVD & Satellite Box (STB).

Videocon digital DTH

 Videocon Digital set top box Features:

  • Mosaic (12 PIP) – Genre wise
  • Favourites
  • Multilingual Channel Guide
  • Preview Screen (Full Guide)
  • Info Bar
  • Tickers
  • Active Services – Direct Active (State, Channel & East)

Videocon Digital set top Box Price: Rs.1999/-

Buy Videocon digital set top box

Airtel Digital set top Box:Now you can manage both your TV and set top box with a single remote. Get the Universal Remote only with airtel digital TV and experience the convenience of one.

airtel digital tv

Airtel Digital set top Box Features:

  • mpeg-4 dvb s-2 sound and picture
  • interactive services
  • multilingual electronic programme guide
  • airtel movies
  • sleek and stylish set top box
  • 24X7 customer care in 10 languages
  • games
  • lower battery indicator

Airtel Digital set top Box Price: Rs.1999/-

Buy Airtel Digital set top Box

Tata Sky DTH Digital Set Top Box: Tata Sky provides its subscribers set top boxes of highest quality manufactured by leading companies in their field. Different types of Set Top Boxes available: SD Set Top Boxes, HD Set Top Boxes and Digital Video Recorders.


Tata Sky DTH Digital Set Top Box Features : 

  • 5x More Resolution
  • wide range of popular High Definition (HD) channels
  • Tata Sky+ HD
  • Live Darshan 
  • Music Unlimited
  • Program Guide
  • Parental Control
  • Search & Scan Banner

Tata Sky DTH Digital Set Top Box Price :Rs.1999/-

Buy Tata Sky DTH Digital Set Top Box

Hathway  Digital set top box: Hathway offer various types of Customer Premise Equipment more popularly known as STB to cater to different needs of each viewer.

hathway set top box

Hathway  Digital set top box Features:

  • Hi-definition is the new mantra for enjoying TV on all flat panel screens.
  • With more than five times the picture quality of a normal SD (standard definition) picture, we can assure you, there will be no returning to SD as the 1080i clarity will leave you spellbound.
  • We offer only FULL and not the upscaled versions of that some other service providers indulge in.
  • Last but not the least, you definitely need a set capable of receiving Full to experience this enhanced quality.
  • Hathway is offering services in select cities only. For more details please visit the enquiry section.

Hathway  Digital set top box Price : Rs.1400/-

Buy Hathway  Digital set top box

DISHTV Digital Set Top Box: A DISHTV Set Top Box (STB) is a digital receiver that connects to a television. It receives dishtv signals from a mini dish and turns the signals into content on your screen.

dish tv set top box

DISHTV Digital Set Top Box Features :

  • Digtal Picture Quality
  • Superior Sound Quality
  • Uninteruppted Viewing
  • Maximum Number of Channels
  • Maximum Value for Choice
  • Freedom of Personalised Packs
  • Professional Customer Services
  • VAS/MOD Services
  • Regularized Rates

DISHTV Digital Set Top Box Price : Rs.2699/-

Buy DISHTV Digital Set Top Box


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