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CloudCube Android App: Manage all your Cloud Data

CloudCube Android App: Manage all your Cloud Data: Cloud data managing in Android has become too important for the users. Many apps have been released since Cloud data management has started. This unique Android app for cloud services namely “CloudCube” is a connector between cloud services and user account.

CloudCube Android App

The CloudCube app differs from others as multiple number of cloud services are being supported by CloudCube. It is independent of the location. All your data is accessed anywhere by this Android app. To download the app, go to the official Google play store and download it. Install in your Android phone

CloudCube Android App: Working

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After the CloudCube app is installed successfully, there are 6 numbers of categories. Open the “Available Storages” option. After you tap this category all the available type of storages are displayed. They are Drop box, Box, Google Drive, Sky Drive .Select the option you choose and login using the Email Id , Password. As you select your storage option, the number goes decreasing. All the data gets synchronized through CloudCube. Another unique feature of the app is you can either upload or download the cloud data.

As you are connected to the cloud storage, now you are accessible to download the file or content and upload it in parallel (if required). The CloudCube app features another option synchronizing. The file in your Android Smartphone or tablet can be made synchronized with the connected cloud storage. This is not restricted with one option, but may pause, remove the uploaded file. If any of the action is performed as resuming file etc that will be listed in the current activity. Even when you are not online, access the files by installing this CloudCube app to manage all your Cloud Data. Besides the above features, the key option of the app that makes it a unique is synchronizing of all data from cloud services those results in immediate access of the data.

CloudCube Android App Features:
  • Required Android: 2.3.3 or up.
  • App size: 2.1 M.
  • Licence: Free.

Download CloudCube app for Android

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