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Google Wallet: Transfer money instantly with your G-mail

Google Wallet: Transfer money instantly with your G-mail: The Google wallet application, a system developed by Google mainly for payments through Mobile. The Google wallet application will assist G-mail mobile users for storing their cards that helps for purchasing or transactions and online mobile shopping anytime if they need. The Google wallet working principle is highly secure in payment processing and also easy to use in your Smartphone.  This was started as a demonstration initially on 26th of May 2011; the first launch officially was on 19th of September in the year 2011.

Google wallet application

The great benefit in using Google wallet is one can send money just from their G-mail account in attachments. Before 15th of May 2013, it is not linked with G-mail. But presently the option of wallet is included in G-mail. It is officially declared in the prescribed date given above.  This functions with major Visa/Master cards. So, let’s see how Google Wallet Works.

How Google Wallet Works?

To get started with Google wallet, firstly you should be a registered with G-mail. If you are already a Gmail user, then click the wallet page link (given below). There will be few fields as Address, City, Postal code, State, Phone Number and Credit/Debit card information (Expiry date Mandatory). After you clear all the columns, click on the button “Accept and Create” to proceed into the next step of creation.  Sending money using this is entirely free, also can do purchase by paying from your debit or credit card with low transaction fee deduction at 2.9 %.

Click here to start Google Wallet

Though you are not associated with G-mail account, even you may send your money through this by entering the option “Send Money” managing the payments parallel. Users do not need to think on their account security as this application is strictly secured saving all the account details in a Server. The details that a user gives are encrypted, so this assures them in trustworthiness of Google wallet application. If a customer comes across certain issue as payment failed and login errors, the customer support department stands   with them and also will be responsible until the problem is resolved.

Google Wallet Supported Devices:
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 on Sprint.
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II on Sprint and US Cellular.
  • Samsung Galaxy Axiom on US Cellular.
  • LG Viper 4G LTE on Sprint.
  • LG Optimus Elite™ on Sprint and Virgin Mobile.
  • LG Nexus 4 GSM/HSPA.
  • HTC EVO 4G LTE on Sprint.
  • HTC One on Sprint.

Besides Smartphones, Google wallet application functions even on Tablets like Asus Nexus 7 and Samsung Nexus 10.

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