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How to Create a Backup of Call Logs in Android?

How to Create a Backup of Call Logs in Android? Think how difficult it is when you urgently require your Android call logs at the time your backup is stopped? Android saves the call logs till 500, this is by default. But if the call log reaches above this number, user is supposed to create a backup for Android call logs. It is not possible in Android unless an app is installed for backup either content or call logs. The app named “Call logs Backup and restore” is an alternative and answer to the question” How to create backup for call logs in Android”? For this app one premium version is also there named as the Call logs Backup and restore Pro available with Rs. 50.

How to Create a Backup of Call Logs in Android

“Call logs Backup and Storage app” enables the Android users for creation of call logs backup. Once the backup is finished it is stored in the memory of their Android Smartphone or tablet. The format of this backup is XML which also has an option to share through E-mail. When Call logs Backup and Restore app is installed, your call logs backup are automated, which mean backup is processed automatically. Delete your complete call logs if necessary with the new Android Call log backup App. The App is available in Google Play Store. Get the app and install on your Android Smartphone. After installing, just open it and you are shown with some of the options as Backup, Restore, View, Delete backups, Delete Calls and Donate.

Click on Backup option and enter the name as you wish for Android call logs Backup. The file is only in the .Xml Format. The option of Delete calls is used for removing the call history and restores the file that you need to store by Restore option. Backup call logs automatic either daily, monthly can be done by enabling in Application settings.

The Cloud Backup settings give you all the options to share your backup file or send to recipient. We guess this Android call logs Backup and restore App is purposeful to every user who needs it.

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