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How to move Google Authenticator to a new device?

How to move Google Authenticator to a new device? At this time we have come with the moving of Google Authenticator to a new device. There are a number of ways to install Google Authenticator application, but here we’re explaining the easy technique. Using two-step authentication is a stylish technique to help defend your data on Google. Simply follow below steps to move the Google Authenticator application to your new Smartphone or tablet and also as a reminder to remove it from your old one.

How to move Google Authenticator to a new device

Two-step authentication can facilitate prevent malicious attacks next to your online accounts. Anybody trying to break into your account would require both your password and the mobile device that authentication codes are sent to so as to gain access. Google has finished a wonderful job of giving options for those who are concerned with introducing this extra protection measure: you can obtain text alerts or you can use the Google authenticator app, available for Android, BlackBerry, and iOS.

When using the application as your way of authentication code delivery, you may speculate what happens when your desire to give up work an old phone for a new one. Or, you may have lost your device and desire to disable the service as a defensive measure. Here is how to move the Google authenticator app to a new device, or disable it totally.

Steps to move Google Authenticator to a new device:

Step 1: First you will require uninstalling the authenticator app from the device you will no longer be using. Just lest you settle in to sell the device, or if it is going to turn out to be a toy for one of your children, you desire to confirm there is not an app on it that grants access your susceptible data.

Step 2: Now you will require installing the app on the new device where you desire to get authentication codes.

Step 3: Head to Google’s two-step verification Web page using a browser on your computer. You may require logging in to your Google account to access the safety settings.

Step 4: Click the link that states “Move to a different phone.” If you are disabling the element totally, you can just click “Remove”. Luckily, moving your authenticator to a new device will not cancel any of your offered application, specific passwords and does not need any backup codes to full fill the transition.

Step 5: Scan the QR code that came into view or enter it yourself by clicking, “Can’t scan the bar code?”

Step 6: Lastly, enter the authentication code that shows on the screen to authenticate the device. This is simply like the log-in procedure when using two-step authentication.

Now you can stay using the Google authenticator app simply like before, on your new device! If you are doing a factory reset on a device, just disable two-step authentication first, and then re-install it on your device. This is much quicker than doing a restore.

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