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How to Play Android Games on PC with Blue Stacks

How to Play Android Games on PC with Blue Stacks:If you want to play games and try to have some cool apps in your Android phone, then it is very easy and possible with small desktop application like Blue stacks apps. This Blue stack app is as small has that of 8.59Mb, if you want we can call it has an emulator.

  • Install the configuration and use it.
  • Synchronization is setup in between Android and PC.

Android Games on PC with Blue Stacks

Here are some requirements:

  • Active internet connections.
  • .net frame work of version 3.5.
  • Blue Stack desktop applications (Windows/Mac).
  • Blue Stack cloud connect (this is optional for sync purpose only).

Step-1: Installation:

We have to download .net framework 4.5 and Blue Stack on PC after what we have to install it in to our PC.

While you are going with the installation process Blue stack may be sure in both the things that which is displayed above is enabled. The installation process will take some time and it will also setup the download runtime files and libraries to update.

Step-2: Configure:

First go to settings then you will find

  • Cloud Connect: This feature is helpful only for Android owners by which they want to sync their apps, images and messages from phones to computers.
  • Change language: English language is available by default but if you want to change it to your native language we can change it there are 39 languages available.
  • Change keyboard settings: We can choose different keyboard layouts for easy typing.
  • Set date& time: We can also easily set the date and time.
  • Manage accounts: If you have any account then we have to modify the account and can manage all the contacts. It is so easy to change, add and update the contacts to the main account that is connected. Further the synchronization will be done directly with the help of Blue stack.
  • Manage application and change the app size: If you want to un-install your application and if you want to change the size of your app, for these we can choose “tablet” app size for most of the apps and games. If not some of the apps by default it will run in 90 degree display.
  • Sound: We can easily enable or disable if you want to choose the mouse sound and can set the different sound levels.

Step 3: run applications:

If you want to download or select the game category from the dash board menu and with the browser through, if suppose if you want to download particular app then you have to use TRUECALLER app in to your PC or want to play games.

For these go to search button, from the new window type and the app name in the search box press enter or we can find it from search result.

Step-4: A/C Setup for sync (optional)

If you want to install the interesting app in to your Android phones or if you want to synchronize images, photos we can use this features if require:

A/C registration on Blue Stack

On the Android application download and install “Blue stack cloud connects”.

Within the desktop Blue stack:

  • Go to settings and select “cloud connects”.
  • In next window select “yes”.
  • For registration we have to enter email-id and phone number for the further instructions.
  • Save the PIN that is mainly used to connect both the desktop and mobile app to sync.


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