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Hulu Plus App for Android: Features and Download

Hulu Plus App for Android: Features and Download: You are watching your most favorite program on TV meanwhile suddenly you want to go outside for some work. What you will do? Just you will shut down the TV and continue your work. But this is gone now and you are with “Hulu Plus Android App”. This Hulu Plus app will provide you can watch the any TV show or movie where you’re stopped it previously by using the resume watching the feature. Not only this movie you can watch any current season episode of popular shows, kids shows, classic series and many more. You can share your favorite videos to your file for instant access.

Hulu Plus App

Hulu Plus Android App:

For this Hulu plus app, subscription is compulsory. It is available for $7.99 per month subscription. You also have one interesting benefit using Hulu Plus i.e. while watching TV, you can avoid lengthy advertisement.

For non subscribers also the Hulu Plus app is offering a trial option. But this will provide you a limited content only popular website’s video catalogue. You will just watch the links on the Home screen menu and available free content. Bur further any actions it will definitely ask for the subscription log in details.

If you are a paid subscriber for Hulu Plus Android App then after log in completing there you will see a clipboard that contains all TV shows, your Queue, Movies, History, Search and many more. From here, you can easily navigate to left and right to scroll up and down to go between lists of the featured content; you can also see the content in a single category by scrolling right or right.

Hulu Plus App Features and Interface:

Hulu Plus App account will offers the top TV shows including present hits such as The New Girl and The Daily Show to Classics like Alf and Googie HOwser, M.D. You can easily sort them all by using genre, network, using alphabet, date added and popularity. Including movies also Hulu Plus offers the same features.

When you choose for any movie or TV show will find options to Play it, add it to your queue or Share it using Android, are built-in share tool. Save episodes and movies to your queue so that you can easily access later.

In this Hulu Plus App searching procedure is same like web searching. This handier searching will provide accurate results. Previously these searching results are a little bit confusing by showing the movie, clips, TV episodes, trailers all at a time. But now it has changed entirely. If you are searching for the movie just it will show the results for movie only if it is TV show it will show TV show only.

Picture and Sound quality:

For this particular part Hulu Plus Android App has done a remarkable work. Picture and Sound qualities are awesome. But it will offer default video quality you cannot change that. If you use the Best Internet connection then it will get the best picture quality. You can watch over WI-Fi, 3G and 4G connections.

The Bottom line:

Of course Hulu Plus Android App is not a single app providing this facility, but it will provide better video reliable and quality, and it will provide the remarkable experience besides full Web site. Except video default video quality in the application remaining features are awesome.

Download Hulu Plus App for Android

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