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Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Features and System Requirement

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Features and System Requirement: Microsoft users are being offered with double products from Microsoft. One Windows 8.1 and other is Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11). In addition to Windows 8.1 operating system, the company launched the latest version for browsing i.e. Internet Explorer 11. Windows 8 version users shall upgrade to Windows 8.1 to use this IE 11.

Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11:

The IE 11 comes with Windows 8.1 integrated. The new IE 11 web browser have been designed and developed with various options that make the usage of this new browser easier. All the options can be accessed without confusion as they are mentioned clearly. A new option named Snap is available in the system. This feature’s uniqueness is, a user can browse the data alongside searching for current apps from the windows store. IE 11 even supports Windows 8.1 touch enabled devices.

Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) Browser features:
  • Within a single window, user can access content in 100 tabs.
  • Speed Browser touch response with large Zoom.
  • Sites that are most frequently opened or simply web pages that are browsed many times come under favourite list.
  • Speed Browser touch response with large Zoom.
  • Windows 8.1 touch users are allowed to adjust the Address bar.
  • Windows device that run Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) offloaded image decoding technique, their life of the battery is improved.
  • Html 5 video support with which no plugin is required to play videos.
  • Webgl interoperable that gives an interactive 3D graphics experience.
  • Quick User navigation with touch enabled user Interface. You can move to the next page or start with the previous instantly.
  • Web development applications done in a simpler way as frameworks, tools for debugging are included. So IE 11 suits as a good platform for developers.
IE 11 System Requirements:

As per the IE 11 System Requirements are considered, as we mentioned earlier, you need to install the new version of Windows i.e the Windows 8.1. To start with IE 11, first install windows 8.1 preview version that can be downloaded from Windows store if you’re using Windows 8.

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