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LG Optimus G Pro Review [Smartphone]

LG Optimus G Pro Review [Smartphone]: The LG forever appears to be trailing the opposition. When one competitor zigs, LG does not zag – it just zigs in a neighboring lane. That is not a feasible strategy long-term, but it has been good sufficient to aid LG make modest gains in the Smartphone market. If we go through the LG Optimus G Pro Review as under then we could check out why this Smartphone is adorable.

LG Optimus G Pro Review

Smartphones normally have 5-inch screens and larger bodies, and the LG Optimus G Pro is a majestic device that builds quite an idea with those same specifications. Is this so far one more trailing zig or has LG managed to make this latest phone for AT&T standout for more than its size? So, let’s go through the Android based LG Optimus G Pro Review.

LG Optimus G Pro Review:

 LG Optimus G Pro Design Review:

Measuring 5.91 x 3.0 x 0.37in (150.11 x 76.2 x 9.4mm), the Optimus G Pro is a gigantic piece of plastic. It has an unremarkable form factor but sticks out as of its size. It is not very tempting to additional senses either. While the plastic coating has a rhombus pattern that is nice to see, it builds up finger prints and remains at an alarming rate. It is not very pleasant to touch the smudge-prone and oily surface. You feel its attendance when tucked into your pocket, and there is no shunning the understanding that you are holding a rather large device that does not feel like it was cut from the premium materials obtainable. Back and Menu capacitive buttons bookend the Home button, volume keys are contented in the center of the device, the power button is high on the right and where somebody would of course hold their hand, and the QuickMemo button is near the top left of the device.

Specifications Review:

Coming to the LG Optimus G Pro review of specifications, it has a 5.5-inch display that is good-looking in each look upon It is not just that the screen is so gigantic, which builds Netflix and YouTube watching in an airport lounge far more pleasurable; it is that the big screen is joined with a 1080p resolution. LG tries to make up for the Optimus G Pro’s surface failings excelling in other areas. The home button is a thin bar that explains a ring of light for inward announcements. Of all the handsets that have landed on our desk in recent months, the Optimus G Pro has the most excellent alert system. The 1.7 GHz quad-core processor flies through the whole thing. It forever looks and feels similar to the G Pro is on the cusp of going in motion, coming up for a command to be familiar with what direction to travel. It definitely helps that 2 GB of RAM make the device move fast, so the whole thing from gaming to app switching to web browsing feels similar to there is nothing that could base the G Pro.

The G Pro has all the additional radios you’d wait for, counting GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, and NFC. We ran into a slight bug where the GPS would not initialize in Google Maps devoid of downloading a free extra GPS Monitor app, but that was rapidly solved. We are in addition an enthusiast of the IR sensor beside a 3.5 mm headphone jack that makes the G Pro capable of controlling a TV. The set-up and daily use is headache-free. Battery life is as good as you would expect from the huge 3,140mAh detachable battery. We got 5 hours, 36 minutes of video streaming over LTE with the screen on maximum clarity, and a remarkable 18 hours, 8 minutes of talk time with the screen off. That 5.5-inch screen in fact draws power. Even though, this phablet is equipped for a full day’s use.

Price Details:

The price of LG optimus G Pro in India is Rs 42,965 and in USA its approximate price is 874$.

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The Bottom Line:

This is all about the LG Optimus G Pro Review. It is awful, very fast. Up till now there with the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4. It really feels a bit faster than the S4, and just somewhat slower than the HTC One. When hardware features and aesthetics are alike, software is one technique producers frequently trying to distinguish themselves in the Smartphone market. The LG Optimus G Pro comprises numerous unique specifications that make it simple and fun to share and collaborate with others together with the ability to view multiple application windows at the same time, shoot video using both the face and the back camera, and more. Obviously, we will take a closer look at these unique specifications in the next pages of our review.

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