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NVIDIA GTX 760 GPU Specifications and Price in India

NVIDIA GTX 760 GPU Specifications and Price in India: The NVIDIA recently released GTX 760 GPU making slight changes to its previous NVIDIA GTX 780. The GTX 760 GPU price seems quite wondering as it is comparatively equal to a Smartphone, Tablet or PC.  Working function of GTX 760 remains same as GTX 780 with Kepler technology of NVIDIA. There is spec sheet for booting. Below are the detail NVIDIA GTX 760 specifications and price in India.



When GTX 275, GTX 560 GPU are considered to compare in different areas, GTX 760 tops in processing speed or clock frequency. It is thrice the speed of the rest NVIDIA GPU’ S mentioned above. The recent feedback given by the consumers through online, the results say that the GTX 760 GPU completely has overtaken GTX 660 comparing all the specifications and working making a difference of 15 %. But, the price is not higher than GTX 660 Ti which is around Rs. 22,000. GTX 760 is designed with Temporal Anti Aliasing (TXAA) and GPU 2.0 technology.

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NVIDIA GTX 760 Specifications:

With this technology, Speed of the GTX GPU clock is increased during the inclusion of temperature target & controls of the fans. The number of texture units is 96 and ROP’s 32. Clock frequencies of Core and Boost are respectively are 980 Mhz and 1033 MHz respectively. Clock memory of GTX 760 and GTX 770 differ only with 1 GHz i.e. 6 GHz GDDR5 (Graphics Double Data rate) for GTX 760 and 7GHz for GTX 770 GPU.

NVIDIA GTX 760 Price in India:

NVIDIA GTX 760 GPU is capable of handling additional voltage headroom with 2.0 technologies. Some of the companies have come forward with GTX 760 offering with different Indian prices varying from 19,000 to 20,000, although the RAM and clock memory is 2GB Graphic Double Data Rate (GDDR).  The cost of Zotac GTX NVIDIA 760 is around Rs. 19,900. Galaxy GTX 760 card price is the lowest   of all.  Purchase this GPU for better Graphic and Gaming experience only from the World’s best GPU manufacturer NVIDIA.

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