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Rumor: Microsoft Bringing Xbox One, PC Games For Android

Rumor: Microsoft Bringing Xbox One, PC Games For Android: We mentioned previously that the Microsoft is all set to bring “Age of Empires” game to Android and Apple iPhone. There are more rumors stirring around the Microsoft and Android combinations. According to one such rumor, the Microsoft is planning to bring the Xbox One [Read: – Microsoft Xbox One Review] and PC games for Android based Smartphone and Tablets.

Xbox One games for Android

A statement in print in Reuters says that consumers of Android and iOS Smartphones are able to shortly verify out Xbox and other computer games limited to the Windows OS, by the end of 2013. The story in addition states that the trendy Microsoft game “Age of Empires” will be on hand as a free game for both the platforms, by the end of the year. Previously, Microsoft, had revolved back the Xbox One DRM Policy that necessary consumers to connect to the internet at least one time in 24 hours, and had even to be found limitations on using game sharing.

To allow cross-platform gaming, Microsoft will fasten with KLab, a Japan-based game mounting firm. Microsoft’s Xbox Live is scheduled to approach to India anywhere in late 2014, which resources that the Xbox 360 will carry on to refinement India device stores for more than one year. But, just the once released, the Xbox One could countenance opposition from Sony’s next-Gen PlayStation 4 that is predictable to be priced approximately Rs 30,000 in India.

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