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Top 5 Best Web Apps for Video Messaging

Top 5 Best Web Apps for Video Messaging: E-mails, Voice and Video chat aren’t just made and developed for fun. Besides this, these web apps act as a source for communication. In the earlier days i.e. before the existence of video enabled chatting, sender can only send an offline message if the recipient is not available online. But, the received mail describes only a brief of the message. It may not convey the complete details. So with these top 5 best web apps for video messaging one shall send a video message for free to your friends.

Best Web Apps for Video Messaging

List of Best Web Apps for Video Messaging:

1.  Skype:

The Skype is the most popular and best web apps for video messaging meant for setting voice and video chats. This app not only is used for video conferencing, but can send offline video messages. It’s too easy as you may send messages wherever you are i.e. either from desktop or Mobile. Skype allows users to send unlimited video messages with its premium account called Bummer. The video that you choose to record will be of 3 minutes duration.

2. Oovoo:

Oovoo’s popularity has been constantly increasing which mean it is the 2nd most preferred app for voice and video calling next to Skype which stands first. The Ovoo permits the Desktop users to send the messages at duration of 1 minute and premium account members are being offered to send five minutes duration message.

3. Vine App:

Moving forward with our best web apps for video messaging list, the next one is the Vine App. The App suits for those who needs to send messages that are enabled with a feature to tag your friend’s name in the recorded video message. Recently, the Vine app for Android updated with front camera support. Some of the basic features of this app include new upload manager, Bug fixes and UI improvements, improved performance in camera loading time, etc.

4. Snapchat:

Snapchat too have the similar feature as Vine App, other than that your messages can be set as you choose i.e. personal access or public. One key feature here is the easy user interface and sharing option in social networks.

5. Instagram:

The Instagram allow you to access and send videos for few seconds( 15 seconds). However this isn’t as great as the Skype. But we suggest Instagram for sharing funny things and messages in the format of video.

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