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Troubleshoot Problems with Windows 8.1 Update

Troubleshoot Problems with Windows 8.1 Update: Windows 8.1 preview version was released officially by Microsoft. Existing Windows 8 users may download Windows 8.1. Here, with this article, “Troubleshoot Problems with Windows 8.1 Update”, you can solve some general Windows 8.1 update issues. However, the complete version is going to be out in the market this year. But before that, if you wish to have Windows 8.1, you shall upgrade to it by downloading the patch. Here are some Troubleshoot problems in Windows 8.1 installation.

Troubleshoot Windows 8.1 issues

Troubleshoot Windows 8.1 isuues:

If you find any error while downloading Windows 8.1 upgrade, then it should be checked whether the Language given is English or not. Later you need to open Command prompt only in elevated mode. To do this first go to charms menu and right click on Command Prompt, select (Run as Administrator). The command given below should be entered after following the above process.

dism /online /get-intl

The command displays your Windows 8 language. That has to be as en-US. For selecting other language, open the control panel and add your required language at “Add a Language”. Note that only the supported languages listed by Microsoft  are displayed.

Update is not applicable to your Computer:

The common error in installing Windows 8.1 is updating issue. This generally comes when you run the .exe file. Going through the steps below may fix your “Update” problem.

  • A Folder has to be created in the “C” drive, download and save the file given here.
  • Now open the CMD (Command prompt) and go to the recently created temp folder.

cd c:\temp [Enter]

  • After entering the temp folder, use the command as below for unarchiving patch.

Expand –F:* Windows8-RT-KB2849636-x86.msu

  • There are few files in this temp directory that you may see. Command that has been given below is to be used for installing Windows 8.1 Patch.

DISM.exe /Online /Add-Package /

The patch gets installed after the completion of processing files. In the middle of the process the system will get restarted. Finally after your PC is started, Windows 8.1 upgrade can be downloaded from Windows store.

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