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Wikipad Gaming Tablet Review

Wikipad Gaming Tablet Review: A new tablet specially for gaming purpose is the Wikipad gaming tablet which launched recently. This Wikipad tablet review is based upon the detailed functionalists of this gaming tablet. If you want to know more detail regarding the gadget, this Wikipad tablet review will surely help you a lot. Apart from the gaming purpose, this Wikipad tablet can also be used as a normal tablet as your regular utilization.  The Android Tablets established a high position similar to that of the achievement in Android Smartphone. Although the market of tablets is too competitive, Android has even crossed the stage of competition among other tablets. Now the new Wikipad gaming tablet is out. So, let’s go through the Wikipad tablet review for your further assistance.

Wikipad Tablet Review

Wikipad Tablet Review:

Speciality and Price:

Wikipad is designed with a display of 7 inch completely for the tablet Gaming Lovers. The device is portable and has all the features what a Tablet has. Then what makes Wikipad different from others? Here is the answer. Besides the Tablet apps, web browser, Music player etc, Wikipad does have the buttons to play video games which generally remaining Android Tablet don’t. The price of Wikipad may seem costly@ 249$ compared to Nexus 7, but spending an additional amount of 49$ to this gaming feature do not go worthless.

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Specifications Review:

The display resolution of Wikipad is 1920×1080 pixels which mean Full HD with a screen dimension of 7 inches. NVIDIA Tegra 3 Mobile Processor runs in the Tablet. RAM capacity is 1 GB. Tablet functions with the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system installed. 3G is not supported where as you can browse the Internet using Dual band Wi-Fi. High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) port is available for viewing clarity videos in Television. The storage capacity of 16 GB is not limited and is expandable. The Device also has 2 MP front facing camera. So, with this Wikipad tablet review of specifications, this one is just a perfect model for better performance and enhanced gaming experience.

Design Review:

Before speaking about the Wikipad tablet review on design, primarily you should know the buttons design as all the features are considered one side and Wikipad gaming buttons itself aside. There are 2 joysticks, forward, back buttons, shoulder buttons and 2 trigger buttons. The gaming control is to be attached physically to the tablet.

Games with Wikipad Tablet:

The detailed list of Games is given in the Wikipad Official site. Gamers are also allowed to play games in Mobile play Station. This option is not available for other Android supported Tablets. Libraries of Wikipad games are only few, this is a disadvantage factor for Gamers.

Wikipad Multipurpose Tablet:

Advanced processor and RAM (1 GB) is surely a good specification to make use the Tablet for regular purpose. The Screen size is not bad as the 7inch display is a common screen size for most of the Android Tablet devices. Google play store with multiple great apps are available. Aren’t these options sufficient for regular use of Wikipad Android Tablet?

The Bottom Line:

The Wikipad tablet is meant for both gaming and tablet application. You will not check the cost as the Tablet comes with a market price of what other Android tablet device offer switch to either of the mode with this portable gaming tablet. But lastly we recommend Wikipad to the user  who operates it in two ways as Gaming and as Tablet.

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