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Windows 9 Release Date, News and Features

Windows 9 Release Date, News and Features: The Windows platform from Microsoft is the most used operating Windows 9system that features so many concepts in order to give an immense PC experience to its user. Microsoft corporation planning to launch its next generation operating system, the Windows 9 platform. All related information related to the Windows 9 are just rumors and there is no official information available yet. The information sources related to the release of Windows 9 are so solid that you can’t say that the Windows 9 is just a rumor. There are also patents, which may or mayn’t be relevant and some rare remarks from developers on the Windows 9 team.

Windows 9 Release Date:

Frank Shaw, the chief of Microsoft Corporation reported recently that, “Microsoft isn’t ready to disclose about how often Windows 9 might come out when we talked about it in January13. But, I agreed that you have certainly seen across a vast range of Microsoft products a rhythm that looks like that. The Windows Phone platform is a good for example of that”.

According to some rumors, the Windows 9 will be released around July or August 2013. But, it can’t be said that the Windows 9 will be available right after the release. The reason behind this is the testing of the Windows 9 platform by several PCs manufacturers. Some massive software products like the Windows 9 is not a simple thing to test and the testing process require more time. If there is no official information available regarding the Windows 9 platform till yet, then how it will be possible around August 2013 for end users? It’s a big question and we can’t give any answers.

Windows 9 Features:

The Windows 9 platform is said to be the next generation operating system. So, it is expected from Microsoft that the new Windows 9 platform will feature some extraordinary features that will surely increase the end user experience in computing. The Windows 9 may come with a better start screen or Window, enhanced application Life-cycle and more personalization features. Apart from this, Microsoft may include lots more features of the upcoming Windows 9.

According to some screenshots, a new version of Internet Explorer, the IE 11 will be included with the new Windows 9 platform. Other rumors said that the search option will show results from various apps automatically, instead of waiting until you click one more app in the app list to see its search results. This feature is more similar to that of the universal search result of current Windows 7 operating system.

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